One Partner - All Means of Payment

Manage your customer payments with only one provider.

Payment Service Provider

As a payment service provider, Payrexx takes care of the technical integration of payment methods in your online shop. The Payrexx Payment Gateway enables you to offer over 150 payment methods in your online shop. 

  • PCI Level 1 compliant
  • Numerous means of payment
  • Negotiation with one partner

Acquiring and Collecting

As a certified payment facilitator, Payrexx manages the merchant account with the acquirer. Since you need to maintain fewer direct relationships, setting up online payments is much easier. True to the motto: Simple, efficient and, above all, secure.

  • Signing of acceptance contracts
  • All-in-one solution
  • Guaranteed safety

Provide excellent shopping experience

Offer the right combination of payment options from all major payment providers - tailored to your customer group and markets.


Credit and debit cards

With credit cards, the payment amount is usually debited from the account at the end of the month. Debit cards, on the other hand, work without delay. 


Alternative payment methods

Offer alternative payment methods such as wallets and prepaid vouchers.  Wallets, that store credit and debit cards digitally, allow customers to pay quickly and conveniently without indicating their card information.


Manual payments

Many customers prefer manual means of payment and therefore invoices are still the most popular means of payment.

Security and Risk Management

Reliable payment processing and ideal fraud prevention - benefit from the highest Swiss security standards.

Safety 1st - PCI DSS Level 1

Payrexx AG meets all the strict requirements of Level 1 and is thus authorized and entitled to carry out any type of credit card processing.


Risk Management and Fraud Prevention

Prevent fraud and chargebacks with 3D Secure 2.0. Thanks to the 3D Secure 2.0 process and strong customer authentication Payrexx offers merchants the highest level of security, without affecting the payment process for buyers. With two out of the three factors, knowledge, possession or inherence, a secure payment process is always guaranteed.



Keep your transactions under control with real-time reporting.

Analysis, administration, reports: In your Payrexx backend, you can control all your payment transactions using one application. You receive real-time information on bookings, refunds and analyses of transaction numbers and volumes.


Additional Services

Benefit from the numerous extra functions of the Payrexx Payment Solution.

  • Subscription Payments

    With Payrexx you can collect membership fees at regular intervals or market other recurring payments such as fitness subscriptions. 

    With Payrexx Pages, you can easily offer your product in your shop and the amount will be automatically debited in desired intervals.

    With Payrexx Paylink subscription payments, your customers regularly receive the predetermined payment request by e-mail.

  • Pre-authorization

    Pre-authorization means that you reserve a certain amount on a customer's credit card without debiting it directly. A one-time capture can be made of the reserved amount or, if desired, also of a smaller amount. The reservation time between three and 60 days is determined by the issuing bank of the customer.
    There is a 100% debit guarantee.

    Especially if you rent hotel rooms or cars, you benefit from pre-authorisation, because it gives you insurance.

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  • Tokenization

    With a tokenization, debits can be made with any amounts.  Since the card is only validated and the amount is not reserved, there is no 100% debit guarantee.

    Tokenisation is ideal for any type of subscription payments.

  • Refund

    With various payment providers that are available to you with Payrexx, you have the option of making refunds.  With some payment service providers, such as Payrexx Direct, you can even make partial refunds.

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